Zympala Foundation

“To educate a girl,
is to you educate a nation!”

  African Proverb

The Zympala Foundation, an Environmentally Responsible Service Project

Zympala™ contributes to the education of African girls from 13 to 18 years of age, providing them the opportunity to learn trades and expand their roles in society and within their community. To do this, Zympala™ joins with local African partners thereby assuring consistency and continuity of our work. Social assistance in clothing, food and medical care is also provided.   

Even before the official establishment of Zympala Collections, the founding creators of Zympala™, Mireille and Jean-Claude kicked off their charity by offering two cohorts of girls in need of social reintegration through learning a trade or returning to school (studies that had been interrupted because of premature teen pregnancy, being abandoned by their families or financial inability to continue). The education offered to them takes into account their specific situation, providing them a second chance. The training offered touches on several key aspects in addition to the sewing trade. They also learn cooking and the basics of running a small business.

As native Congolese, Mireille and Jean-Claude are well placed to know what the needs in their country are and what areas must be targeted. The company’s vision is ambitious.

Within five yearspart of the company’s production will be conducted by the Foundation’s workers and apprentices.

Within 25 years, one million African girls will have benefitted from the Zympala Foundation’s support!

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