About Mireille

Mireille MPERE | Mireille design

“It’s my passion. I design models, I dream of models. It’s my life. ”  Mireille

Mireille MPERE is an artist, a designer and an experienced seamstress. Forever sensitive to the textures, colours and composition of clothes, she wore her first creation on the day of her union with Jean-Claude TSHIPAMA, co-founder of the company.

From the age of 15, she pursued her studies across several continents in sewing, design and finally industrial fashion management at the Université de Quebec à Montreal. By making this choice when she was a teenager, Mireille went against the social norms and family pressures in her native country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, since at the time, this type training was considered to be only for those who did not master academic subjects such as mathematics or chemistry!

Throughout her extensive travels she has attracted customers searching for style and authenticity. She draws on both her African roots and Western landscapes for inspiration that she has translated into a variety of colors and textures in her unique designs. What defines the aesthetics of Mireille is her use of African fabrics with the characteristic patterns found in Haitian and Australian designs. This feature has now become the highly sought-after hallmark of Zympala™.

The mythical couple of Mireille and Jean-Claude have transformed their dream into the reality of Zympala™. Mireille’s talent now radiates globally and her imagination that is embodied in high-end fashion with an African flavour is now accessible to women and men searching for comfortable, beautifully cut clothes while demonstrating their social commitment through their support of the Zympala Foundation.