Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Zympala different from other high-end brands with an online ordering system?

Zympala™ designs comfortable high-end urban clothing for women and men. All clothes are exceptionally well suited to fit any size. They grant nobility, distinction and style to the wearer.

When creating models, selecting accessories and choosing textures as well as colors, Mireille MPERE, our Designer, got her inspiration from the cultural, historical, social and geographical heritage of Africa, widely known for its richness and eclecticism.

Our values

Zympala™ has made it its mission to become the ambassador for Africa throughout the world.

Our distinctive values are what makes us different: determination, authenticity and social engagement.

Our vision

Driven by a vision of the future marked with success and social commitment, today we finally launch our brand.

Three years from now, Zympala™ will be known internationally for putting the African heritage on the front stage with its high-end collection of women’s and men’s apparel.

Five years from now, we will have stores all across North America and Europe, in the greatest cities of the fashion sphere, where we will be offering a unique line of clothing, accessories, perfumes, timepieces and jewelry, ladies’ scarves and men’s bowties.

25 years from now, thanks to the Zympala™ Foundation’s educational activities, we will have transformed the lives of a million African young girls by contributing to the improvement of their personal autonomy and involvement in society.

Our vision stands on four distinctive pillars:

  • Widespread diffusion of Africa’s cultural, historical, social and geographical heritage.
  • A beacon of authentic clothing, exceptionally adaptable to all body types.
  • A Foundation whose intervention contributes to the education of young African girls, providing them with an opportunity to pick up a trade or profession in order to become an active part of their future community.
  • A state-of-the-art customer service, built on human connection as well as technologies, allowing us to always be one step ahead of the customers’ expectations.

What makes Zympala different from other high-end brands with an online ordering system?

Zympala™ stands out by its brand promise:  to provide its customers with dashing, authentic, original clothes and accessories, made from the most comfortable choice materials and carefully designed to match beautifully with one another within a given collection.

Customer experience is at the heart of what our business’ identity is, with its outstanding customer service and swift shipping of goods upon order.

Thanks to the latest technological breakthroughs and to our cutting-edge understanding of the human body, you can choose from the broad selection of sizes described on our website and select the one best suited to your needs. You may also specify any particular physical feature of yours and our design team will take that into account when tailoring your garment.

What am I committing to when signing in or when creating a personal online account?

You are not in any way required to create an account in order to make a purchase through our website.

There’s always the Buy as a guest” option, although you will need to fill out a new shipping form for every transaction you make and re-enter your preferences each time you visit.

You may wish to create a personal account if you intend on ordering again someday through our website; since your profile, billing and shipping information and preferences are saved, thus ensuring that you get a fully customized service.

The My profile section allows you to update your profile, your billing and shipping information and your preferences. It is also where you can view your order status.

You may modify or delete your account at any time by contacting our customer service

How much will shipping amount to?

Canada & United States
Regular Shipping
Express Shipping
Pick up at the workshop

3 to 5 days
2 to 4 days


Express Shipping
Customs Fees

7 to 14 days

European Union
35 €
Charged on delivery

Charged on delivery

*With the purchase of over $300

Where will my order be shipped from?

If you live in Canada, it will be shipped from L’Épiphanie, Quebec.

Are all product information and item descriptions on the website accurate?

Although our website uses the most sophisticated color palette out there, color display can vary from one monitor to another. Therefore, it is a possibility that a piece of clothing or accessory issued to you slightly differs in color from what you first saw on your computer screen.

As for the clothes sizes, the software we use is one of the best and gives out maximum accuracy.

We commit to ensuring that all details, descriptions and prices are true to the item they describe.

In the event that we receive an order asking for a custom fit and need some clarification, we will contact you to make sure that we fully understand the nature of your order.

We will reserve the right to refuse any order containing an item for which the online information contained obvious clerical or computational mistakes at the time of publication, including prices or promotions.

If you notice any difference between an item and its description, please notify our customer’s service at

What is your return policy?

At Zympala™, your satisfaction is priority number one. You can return any item whose cut, size, color, appearance or any other aspect isn’t entirely to your satisfaction. In return, you will get a purchase credit of equal value.

Return delivery is at our expense. You will find a printable return slip on your My Profile page.

Any returned item must be in its original condition, which means it shouldn’t show any stains, tears, damage or visible wear marks. All returns must be made within a maximum of fourteen (14) days following the reception date referred to by Canada Post’s, USPS’s or the freight operator’s tracking number.

At Zympala™, product quality always comes first. If for some reason one of our products doesn’t live up to your expectations, be sure to send it back to us within 14 days and we will be glad to give you compensation for your trouble, no questions asked.

Can I give my opinion about your business on the website?

You are invited to let us know your opinion on our products or ordering system, and share your experience as a customer.

Guests may weigh in, comment and post any content they wish to. They can submit suggestions, ideas, messages, or any other information as long as their input doesn’t include anything illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, intrusive, anything that infringes intellectual property or is in any other way prone to offend or slander a third party, and doesn’t consist of (or contain) a computer virus, political campaign, commercial solicitation, chain letter, mass email or any other kind of spam message.

Unless stated otherwise by us, by submitting content you grant Zympala™ the non-exclusive, royalty-free and perpetual rights to irrevocably use, reproduce, edit, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, display and create material from said content, using any available mean throughout the world.

You grant Zympala™ the right to link your content to the name you logged in with.

When commenting, you are aware that you must own and control editing rights to the content you are submitting, that said content is accurate; that its use does not violate this policy in any way and won’t cause harm to any physical or moral person or corporation; and that you will compensate Zympala™ for any claim resulting from the content you provided.

Zympala™ reserves the right, yet doesn’t have the obligation to save, edit or delete inappropriate or fraudulent contents, or contents whose associated email address is deemed fake or where there is good reason to believe that the author has committed identity theft.

Under no circumstance is Zympala™ responsible, nor does it assume responsibility for content submitted by you or any third party.