The perfect garment to Celebrate Spring: The Wagenia Women’s Blouse and Men’s Shirt

The perfect garment to Celebrate Spring: The Wagenia Women’s Blouse and Men’s Shirt
May 29, 2017 Zympala
In Blogue

After months of snow and cold, spring marks Quebec’s revival and like all North Americans, we look forward to stretching out our days on the city terraces. What better way to experience these outdoor moments than dressed in the comfortable elegance that is the women’s blouse or men’s shirt inspired by the “Wagenia” fishermen in Africa?

True to its position as Ambassador of Africa, Zympala™ has revealed the authentically African source of inspiration for this distinctive piece of clothing. Indeed, the designer, Mireille MPERE has drawn from her roots and her deep love for nature to design this garment whose originality never ceases to surprise and to amaze.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo there is an abundance of natural resources, including the Boyoma Falls. Their current descending 60 meters in height is among the fastest in the world. The fishermen of these waters are called Wagenia. It is in honour of their courage that Zympala™ has named its women’s blouse and men’s shirt. Indeed, these fishermen show remarkable ingenuity by using an ancestral technique to catch the big fish as they head upstream. They attach nets to flexible wooden scaffolding held together by vines.  Jumping into the water to catch the fish between the rocks, they risk their lives to feed their families.

The women’s blouse, as well as the men’s shirt, features a contrasting bias on the button front, as well as on the cuffs and on the collar stand. It is this bias that recalls both the strength and fragility of this ingenuously constructed, ephemeral scaffolding. It is the signature of the garment whose cultural, historical, social and geographical essence is uniquely African.

Available in three models (long-sleeved, ¾ sleeved and sleeveless) and two colours (blue and white), the Wagenia blouse for women features bust darts for an adjusted fit. There are several choices to accompany the top: the Kikoy skirt (inspired by the traditional Swahili pareo and available in blue and yellow), the classic black skirt or Zympala™ pants available in brown or black.

For men, the Wagenia is available in five classic, high-end models in both long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions. It is available in white (high-end), blue (high-end), gray and blue. The classic shirt can be worn tieless for a casual look, with jeans for example, tucked in or not. It features two waist darts in the back that allow for a perfect fit. It is made of 100% satin cotton and embroidered with the Zympala™ logo.

This high-end shirt offers a more refined look. It is generally worn in the pants, with a tie and goes perfectly with an elegant suit. It is made from 100% twin-ply satin cotton, a resistant, soft-to-the-touch fabric of extraordinary quality. The Zympala™ logo is embroidered inside of the back yoke.