A partnership Based on the Values of Hope and Sharing Zympala and Rachel Mwanza

A partnership Based on the Values of Hope and Sharing Zympala and Rachel Mwanza
May 12, 2017 Zympala
In Blogue

The founders of Zympala™, Mireille MPERE and Jean-Claude TSHIPAMA, and the award-winning actress Rachel Mwanza share Congolese roots. They also share the values of hope, courage and the immense desire to give back to others. It was on the basis of these common values that Zympala™ contacted the 21-year-old actress to offer her a partnership with the organization.

Inspired by the humility, courage, faith and determination of this actress who has received 18 awards including the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival, Zympala has added five new garments to its 2017 Heritage Spring-Summer collection. Chic, casual and accessible, they are suitable for anyone in a relaxed professional setting. They include a pretty plain V-neck dress complemented with a contrasting fabric at the bottom of the dress, a fitted sleeveless blouse open on the side and a superb short-sleeved jacket closed at the waist with an open slit at the hips. The colours in the Heritage Collection are full of life: yellow, orange, black, red and beige print.

With its foundation, Zympala supports young African women aged 12 to 18, offering them a second chance through instruction in sewing, aesthetics and small trades. The goal of the company, which has already begun its work by graduating two cohorts, is to help 1 million young women over the next 25 years. Despite knowing little about Rachel Mwanza’s story before the film War Witch (2012) thrust her into the public eye, we understand the connection between the young woman’s tragic life (expelled from her family and living on the streets for four years from the age of 11, unable to continue her studies despite her profound desire to learn) and the work of Zympala.

At the time of this writing, following a photo shoot where Rachel Mwanza proudly wore the clothes of the Heritage collection, the actress flew to Europe where she is filming “Troisièmes noces”, a Belgium-Luxembourg-Canada co-production. It’s the story of Martin, a widowed and fantastic homosexual of about fifty years; He is offered to contract a “white marriage” with a Congolese of twenty years, Tamara. These two persons that everything separates are going to have to have to pretend to love and try to convince the immigration authorities and by dint of pretending, will end up loving… in their way.

We look forward to seeing her wearing Zympala™ clothing in both in the film and its promotional events.