The Zympala Workshop in L’Assomption: Creativity in Action

The Zympala Workshop in L’Assomption: Creativity in Action
April 8, 2017 Zympala
In Blogue

The Lanaudière region northeast of Montreal has been expanding for several years. One of its cities, L’Assomption, is known for the Hector Charland Theatre–both a venue for cultural events and artistic creations–a Christmas market on its main street, a CEGEP and college steeped in history, bistros, restaurants and specialized gourmet boutiques. In short, everything needed for quality community living and cultural activities.

It is in the growing industrial district of the city that Zympala™ has decided to set up shop. The premises are presently being tailored to the needs of the company’s founders and team. Already, the offices and space with all the technological conveniences are available to welcome customers. Visitors are greeted warmly as everyone pauses for a moment to say hello and share their enthusiasm to be working in a decor that is 100% Zympala™.

When you step through the door of the sewing workshop, you will be amazed at the colourful hive of activity that greets you—seamstresses hard at work on industrial machines, irons and steam brushes. While most of the clothes are categorized by size and color, ready to ship, those that are being assembled can be seen along with the fabric, accessories, thread, and cords for the biases that are characteristic of the Heritage collection as well as sections of pre-cut dresses.

The atmosphere is one of collaboration and enthusiasm. It is a happy community that gathers in the morning to share a croissant and a coffee before starting work; the team members consult each other at all times to ensure the quality of our products. At noon, the seamstresses gather with the company’s designer, Mireille MPERE in an area devoted for breaks. Although she has her own superb office, Mireille prefers to be with her team in order show her support and answer their questions. “There is no hierarchy here. We’re together. Isn’t it beautiful? We eat together, we try on the dresses that are in the design phase, everyone gives their opinion and we keep the best suggestions. The models also help us. They put on the dresses and they tell us what is most comfortable at the armholes, collars… ”

Zympala™ has just begun and already the members of its team (the event coordinator, the administrative and human resources agent, the business development manager, and the building manager) have all shown an extraordinary commitment. Among the magic ingredients of this success is the multiculturalism of the employees and the unbounded confidence displayed by President Jean-Claude TSHIPAMA who is not afraid to offer the first chance to talent that he has the gift of detecting and is skillful in managing their professional development.