The Creation of Zympala: a Story of Love, Courage and Beauty

The Creation of Zympala: a Story of Love, Courage and Beauty
March 2, 2017 Zympala
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For a few months now, Zympala™ has been chronicling its story on video. The films are full of colour and emotion, highlighting the beauty of the fabrics, the designs and the accessories as well as the women and men who wear them. From the very beginning of this intimate dream to share our African roots with the world, each of Zymbala’s collaborators and designers has been living for this ideal of beauty and self-assertion and the opportunity to affirm our pride to the world.

Zympala™ embodies interculturalism more than any other company. This interest in the outside world is combined with courage, open-mindedness and immense capacity for adaptation. Today, Zympala’s two co-founders from the Democratic Republic of Congo continue the launch of their international high-end fashion business from their creation and management workshop in L’Assomption, 40 km east of Montreal.

Zympala’s two kind-hearted creators who love their African roots have seized opportunities to live all over the world including Paris, Boston, Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Brisbane (Australia) and Port-au-Prince (Haiti) to name a few. In a few months they hope to make a return trip where their distinctive curiosity and openness allowed them to be imbued with the local cultures and customs. Rich from these influences of a thousand flavours and from the cultural, historical, social and geographical sources of Africa for which Zympala is an ambassador, they will open shops in the biggest cities of the fashion world making their clothes available everywhere.

In the videos which can be viewed on the site, the clothes are presented in an urban setting with beautiful architecture. Given that Zympala’s target audience is businessmen and women, the images illustrate, in an exceptionally inspiring way, how the vivid colors and the design of the Heritage Collection highlight people in action interacting with others. Indeed, if we imagine the important content of their conversations, we are struck by the models’ elegance and assurance supported by the perfectly cut clothing that allows them to be completely comfortable in any situation in order they play out their influential role.

The video “The Creation of Zympala” is a production of Nadeau Branding