Handmade Jewellery and Elegant Accessories for a Distinguished Look

Handmade Jewellery and Elegant Accessories for a Distinguished Look
February 14, 2017 Zympala
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One of the most distinctive values of Zympala™ is our desire to contribute to a social work that allows young people and entrepreneurs to stand out and showcase their talent. This is how the fashion company adds handmade jewellery and accessories to its range of high-end women’s and men’s clothing.

The jewellery and accessories that will soon be accompanied by a variety of exquisite perfumes will complement the clothing and match the colours of the Heritage 2017 Spring-Summer Collection as well as future collections. They will demonstrate the same elegance harmonizing with the forms and functions of the clothing as can be seen on the website and during fashion shows.

“At Zympala,” as the designer Mireille MPERE and the president Jean-Claude TSHIPAMA say, “we love what is beautiful and useful in the professional context of our contemporary enterprise and respects ecological and environmental standards. We have chosen accessory and jewel designs that have family roots and will entice women and men of all ages.”

Accessories, jewellery and clothing can be ordered online. They are colourful, modern and classic to offer a maximum number of elegant combinations.

The creative process which makes it possible to arrive at this synergy is fascinating. Zympala™ designs clothing first in its workshop. The bags, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are then conceived in order to complement the African sources that inspired the clothing. A double research is thus underway: first the colors and then the designs which means that African history is also incarnated in the jewellery and the accessories.

In terms of the designs made in Québec and the exploration for the perfect combinations and the durable materials necessary, Madame Elizabeth from Nairobi and her small workshop is called upon.

In the end, this is a Canadian-African partnership that delights all its partners and provides accessories, bags and jewellery inspired by the warmth, wealth and colour of Africa to consumers in the North and around the world!