A Garment signed Zympala: the perfect Valentine’s gift

A Garment signed Zympala: the perfect Valentine’s gift
January 25, 2017 Zympala
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A Garment signed Zympala: the perfect Valentine’s gift

Zympala™ was born out of love and the company’s daily decisions and actions are guided by our belief in the values of sharing and self-assertion. So what better for Valentine’s Day than to offer a high-quality garment or accessory embodying these noble values? Your choice will be a powerful testimony of the love you feel for that special person in your life.

To spoil your significant other, the Heritage Spring-Summer Collection offers you a choice of five original dress designs, two jacket styles, two skirts, pants and blouses. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are designed to complement the urban and professional look you want to offer.

Among all the models, the Ciseki dress is inspired by the hibiscus flower also known as the flower of love. In the Pacific region, women wear this flower on one ear. Depending on which ear it is worn, it may mean that one’s heart is in love and already taken or that it is to be taken. The flower evokes passionate love.

For Zympala™, the blossoming hibiscus flower has inspired the round neckline and the flared knee-length cut of the dress. This garment is also an expression of gratitude to nature as the hibiscus which grows wildly in the rich African soil allows women to feed their children.

And ladies, there is also a vast choice for men. The Mobali jacket symbolizes both power and comfort. Is there a better message to wear on Valentine’s Day? The jacket is available in seven choices of patterns and colors.

Long-sleeved with four buttons at the cuffs, the jacket has a Mao collar, is semi-fitted and features a vertical opening in the front with five buttons. Your man is sure to stand out at both work and play!

However you want to show your love, a Zympala™ gift, whether a garment, accessory or a gift certificate, symbolizes your distinction, your passion for other cultures and your desire to deepen your relationship!