The Zympala Foundation: a commitment across the seas

The Zympala Foundation: a commitment across the seas
December 15, 2016 Zympala
In Blogue

During the holiday season, Zympala is even more actively committed to helping young African girls. Indeed, for each garment sold during December, $10 will be donated to the Foundation.

For nearly a year now, the Zympala™ Foundation has been performing socially and environmentally responsible work in the homeland of its founding creators Mireille and Jean-Claude, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Building on the famous African proverb: «To educate a girl is to educate a nation!” The organization contributes to the education of girls from 13 to 18 years of age, providing them the opportunity to learn trades and expand their roles in society and within their community.

Over the months, Zympala™ has developed a network of local African partners that has enabled us to ensure the consistency and continuity of our work. Wanting to support all areas of life, the Foundation also provides social assistance for clothing, food and medical care.

Basic relief and training are provided to girls who have had an untimely pregnancy, have been abandoned in the street or are financially unable to pursue their education; this allows them the opportunity to reintegrate into society. The education offered to them therefore takes into account their specific situation and provides them with a second chance. They learn sewing skills, the basics of cooking and running small business.

In this time of celebration, the desire to share is at the heart of our social commitment. Zympala™ encourages you to choose the clothes that you like and promises to make a donation on your behalf to these girls. The company’s long-term vision ensures that your donation helps the girls reach independence:

  • Within five years, part of the company’s production will be conducted by the Foundation’s workers and apprentices;
  • Within 25 years, one million African girls will have benefitted from the Zympala™ Foundation’s support!