The Zoe or “life” dress: emblem of the Heritage collection
November 30, 2016 Zympala
In Blogue

Zoe, like Venus and Aphrodite, is the goddess of beauty, related to water whose name means “life”. Zoe, Zympala’s very first creation, symbolizes our 2017 spring-summer Heritage collection.

Zoe draws its inspiration from both African nature and architecture, and will provide its wearer with quite the story to tell!

The dress’s first source of inspiration is water, the origin of life in Africa and everywhere on the planet. The Inga Dams located in the Bas-Congo, the country’s only province with access to the sea, are also a source of inspiration for the dress.

Built in 1972, the dams have marked the imagination of our designer Mireille who is moved by the beauty and the splendour of her native land. With the potential production of 40,000 megawatts, the dams could supply electric power to all of Africa and Western Europe. Of course, the project is still in development and has had set-backs, but amazingly when it reaches its peak production, it will produce twice as much electricity as James Bay in Canada!

The Zoe dress is available in blue, yellow and black. Its design is both elegant and versatile and can be worn with great ease. The dress flares above the knees. It is sleeveless and has a round neckline with three deep pleats ending in a discreetly contrasting bias. The pleats, like those that appear at the waist trimmed with a belt, are reminiscent of the water pipes the Inga Dams use to produce the electricity currently powering the whole country.

The belt, trimmed with a bias inserted into the seam for increased comfort, evokes the bright colours of Africa.

Wearing this dress will make you a stand-out while you embrace its beauty, distinction and exoticism! Not to mention the incredible story of its original design that you can make your own!

Go from the afternoon sun to a summer evening by accompanying your Zoe dress with the long-sleeved Eden jacket. Tell its inspirational story of human ingenuity and African power to your curious friends and colleagues. Each garment is accompanied by an authenticity card explaining the story you can tell.