Heritage: a modern collection with a story to tell

Heritage: a modern collection with a story to tell
November 15, 2016 Zympala
In Blogue

Zympala™ presents its Heritage collection, the 2017 spring-summer collection of women’s and men’s clothing and accessories.

Sophisticated, urban, fresh and often reversible, this high-end collection of clothes and accessories gets its inspiration entirely from Africa. By drawing on the cultural, historical, social and geographical wealth of this great continent, they evoke flowers, water, rivers, dams, ports and iconic historical figures. They embody the identity of the ambassador whose mission is to build bridges between continents, nations and cultures, making them accessible to all. The collection also shows the ties, both real and desired, between peoples while its Foundation is making the values of mutual aid and education that distinguish the company tangible.

All the cuts, colours and textures of our clothing are inspired by Africa. Our collection’s fits are remarkable as they adapt advantageously to all body types. Our clothes which blend easily and open our senses to the wealth of color and diversity of Africa, are now available in North America and Europe, and will soon be in Asia and Africa.

The undisputed star of Zympala’s first collection is the elegant, all-purpose Zoe dress. It is designed for all occasions and offers great comfort. Worn with the Jiwe jacket for mild weather or the long-sleeved Eden jacket for cooler evenings, Zoe allows you to transition gracefully from sunshine to an evening out in refined style!

To wear a garment or accessory from Zympala’s Heritage collection is to exhibit your uniqueness, your desire for comfort and to look good while demonstrating your social commitment by supporting the Zympala Foundation.